Better experience.
More options.

At Eligite, we are advocates of choice when it comes to medicine…

…whether it’s the choice of a medical practice to provide service or technologies that exceed local standards or it’s the choice of a patient to seek more advanced options with their preferred provider.


We teach doctors what medical school didn’t.

Doctors are really good at practicing medicine, but most struggle with properly running a business. We disrupt the norm.

Doctors are really good at practicing medicine, but most struggle with properly running a business.
We give doctors and their staff the skills they need to improve their internal processes, grow their practices, and provide every single patient a personal, enjoyable customer experience.

Patients are customers, too.

A person seeking care outside of a government-funded healthcare system is not only a patient. This person is also a customer, one who has the power and willingness to choose what he or she wants and the doctor who will provide it. A practice wishing to serve these customers must be dedicated in their approach to provide not only the best outcomes but also the best possible experience.

We open the door to more options.

By putting the right processes in place, doctors can better understand the lifestyle needs and ultimate goals of their patients.  By seeing each patient as an individual, doctors can personalize their approach, their conversation, and their recommendation for what procedure or therapy may be right for that specific patient.

What makes us the experts?

We’ve been doing this for almost 2 decades (almost 3 if you combine our years of experience).

Who are our customers?

We partner with professional organizations, hospitals, manufacturers and physicians bringing insight into the patient-customers’ needs and their decision-making processes. We develop internal and external communication strategies to bridge the gap between patient awareness and product utilization. We give doctors the skills to differentiate themselves and grow their business.



We are advocates of choice

Eligite consists of two principal officers with combined 25 years of healthcare industry experience, supported by a team of specialists with a wide range of competencies ranging from patient pathway optimization to digital advertising and reputation management.